There are Two Types of Employees you see on LinkedIn…

One who always look for a job they always have an eye looking for opportunity, sending resume to HRs and recruitment companies and this goes forever in their life. Then there is the second kind of people the ones who scout after HRs, the one’s company wants to hire and the hrs, companies, and organization run behind them to hire them.

What is the Difference?

The second categories of people are those ones who approach right people getting touched with them and keep sharing their knowledge value addition credibility around themselves, these are the people who showcase expert.

They are always surrounded by the companies willing to have them in the team these are the people who are always comfortable because they know their value in the market, they have backup and they move on from one position to another position not because they have to but because they want to this to grow in their life.

Personal Branding is extremely crucial and important even for employees no matter who they are. Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a
prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization. Personal branding often involves the application of one’s name to various products.


  1. Know Who You Are and You aren’t.
  2. Identify Your Target Audience.
  3. Know Your Why?
  4. Understand How Others Perceive You.
  5. Be Sincere.
  6. Understand How To Clearly Articulate Your Value.
  7. Have A Powerful Brand Promise.
  8. Choose Your Medium And Have A Consistent Content Strategy.

Here’s the podcast with the duration of just 2:40 Minutes.

Click below to listen to it.

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