As COVID-19 moves from a health crisis to an economic crisis, Businesses have been taking a hit due to the Covid-19. The supply chain has been disrupted, imports are down, and markets are bearish. The MSME segment has perhaps been the hardest hit.


Businesses have cut costs, decreased staffs’ wages, and reduced the number of jobs to the point that they have gone out of business. As a result, they need business advice to succeed.


A new normal in the world of business has brought some changes. The MSME sector, however, has plenty to learn and change to work with the new world. 


But the question is how small businesses around the world will weather this storm and where do they need to focus their efforts?


As a result, here are some industry strategies that will help your company thrive under the new norm.


  • Enable social media to be used to promote the business.


In an age when everyone is technologically proficient and requires a great deal of knowledge, social media is a place that many people use. One of social media’s advantages is that it can be used for business.

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are some social media platforms that the industry can use. Since social media will sell rapidly, the company results can be clear. Furthermore, the chosen customers may be correct, allowing you and the customer to maintain trust.


This is the first piece of company advice. This business advice must be put into effect for the business to be healthy.


  • Creating Customer Relationships

When business is slow, what are you most concerned about? The number of customers drops, and the worst-case scenario is a breakdown of contact between you and the client. They are hesitant to return and want to go to the competitors.


This can be avoided, though, if contact is maintained. It is possible to communicate without meeting in person thanks to the availability of different technology.


You can send email updates to announce the new promotions, make occasional video calls to reach clients or delight regular customers with exclusive offers.


The second company tip is widely recognised but never applied. Make an effort to expand the business.


Assessing Business Models


With the outbreak of the pandemic, the offline market has been severely impacted. That is to say; it necessitates customer meetings. People are afraid to travel, resulting in a decline in business.


You can prepare for this by starting an online company. If it’s a culinary commodity, make sure it’s well packaged. So, whether you try it in your shop or at a customer’s home, the flavour is the same.


Online retailers also eliminate face-to-face contact with clients. Of course, in the event of a pandemic, everyone is expected to maintain a safe distance. This conduct is still true in the modern normal period.


Doing business online will provide you with useful business advice. Particularly when competing against competitors who act similarly.


Manage the company’s finances

Your need to manage business transactions must be carefully considered, especially if you have to visit the branch. It’s a smart idea to reverse your goal. Use other tools, such as bills to keep track of the company if they adopt the technology transactions.


You can also build and handle invoices with ease, as well as exchange payment connections with customers. When you collect refunds, you’ll be notified in real-time.


You’re able to drive your company forward after you’ve mastered the business tips mentioned above.

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