How MSMEs can benefit from the Domestic Market Promotion Scheme – Everything you need to know

How MSMEs can benefit from the Domestic Market Promotion Scheme – Everything you need to know

Domestic Market Promotion Scheme is one of the significant capacities conceived under the Coir Industry Act 1953; under the scheme, the Board has attempted different measures for advocating coir and coir items and extending the homegrown market. The Board embraces the accompanying exercises for a reason. I. Foundation and Maintenance of Showrooms and Sales Depots. II. Cooperation in Domestic Exhibitions.


The Domestic Market Promotion (DMP) Scheme is presented by the Coir Board instead of the Rebate Scheme. The DMP scheme is connected with the business execution of the recipient/unit; the scheme expects to give motivation to better performance. The whole DMP plot is being clarified in the article.


Objective of the Domestic Market Promotion Scheme

The primary objective of the acquaintance of DMP is to build up a solid and stable homegrown market for coir and coir items. A particularly solid and stable homegrown coir market would empower expanding returns to the producers; development of business/business venture improvement, expansion in the use of crude material, and so on. 


Through the Scheme, the board targets promoting coir and coir items and extending the homegrown market consequently. The board is attempted the accompanying exercises for accomplishing the necessary targets: 




One of the board’s principle exercises is to give colossal exposure for advocating the coir and coir items. 


Foundation and upkeep of display areas and deals stops: 


The board is keeping up around 30 display areas and two deal stations. The primary motivation behind keeping up such display areas and deals warehouses is improving the market of coir and coir items and forestalling out of line rivalry. 


In such board’s kept up display areas and deals terminals, the coir merchandise is gotten from different limited scope makers; co-usable social orders and other government units, assisting them with promoting their items. 


Cooperation in Domestic Exhibitions: 


With a plan to promote coir and coir items and improving the deals through the board’s display areas, the board is effectively partaking in significant shows coordinated everywhere in the country.


Eligible Applicants of the Domestic Market Promotion Scheme for MSMEs

The following list of enterprises and eligible to apply for the domestic market promotion scheme:


  • Apex co-operative societies.
  • Central co-operative societies.
  • Primary co-operative societies.
  • Public Sector Enterprises.
  • Franchisees (appointed by the coir board in the coir industry). and
  • Showroom and sales depots (eligible).


Assistance of the Domestic Market Promotion Scheme

The Scheme helps at the pace of 10% of normal yearly deals turnover during the first three monetary long stretches of coir items. If it’s not too much trouble, note such coir items incorporate coir substance; coir essence block; coir substance natural compost; coir essence items; coir fiber; coir yarn; tangling; mats; rubberized coir merchandise; garden articles; coir geotextile; coir umbrella; coir sacks; coir adornments; coir house of prayer; coir crafted works; coir woods and other imaginative items. 


The help is accessible depending upon the condition that the recipient/unit has accomplished a 5% expansion in the earlier year’s turnover. 


The Domestic Marketing Promotion Scheme can be utilized for the following purposes:


  • Opening of another display area or new deals outlet, 
  • Remodel of current deals outlet, 
  • Godown, 
  • Exposure (counting both print and electronic), 
  • Market Study, 
  • Creative advertising methodologies (counting installment of limits and different deals crusades), 
  • Setting up of market insight organization or up-grading plan offices like the establishment of PC; commitment of qualified fashioners; helped configuration Center; computerization of display areas; presentation of online business offices, etc.

Domestic Market Promotion Scheme MSME Application Process

  • The recipient unit is needed to present their cases to the concerned state government or union territory government in Annexure I. It ought to be noticed that the essential social orders are required to submit their issues in Annexure-II. 

  • Thus, the associated domain government’s State Government will present the solidified cases to the coir board. 

  • The Franchisee is needed to record their case in Annexure-III straightforwardly to the coir board. 

  • Alongside the case, the recipient is needed to present a use endorsement. The use of authentication affirms that the help got under the plan during the first year was viably used for the endorsed reason as it were. The testament is needed to be countersigned by the state government’s assigned authority or the association domain government.


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