Generated 250+ B2B Leads In 10 Months For Training Company

Generated 250+ B2B Leads In 10 Months For Training Company

About The Client 

The client provides highly impactful leadership programs for women in corporations. The mission of the client is to prepare millions of women to lead the corporate world. 

Industry: Training & Coaching


  • The client wanted to generate B2B leads for their training products.
  • They wanted to connect with organizations/companies that are willing to train their women employees for management/leadership/market automation roles


Women face bigotry at their workplace. Women in the middle management would be in their mid-20s and early 30s who want to grow in their career are the best target audience for the automation business.

  • Designation: Chief Human Resource Officer, Vice President, Director, Human Resource Head 
  • Industry of the Company: Banking, Finance Services, Information Technology (IT) 
  • Company Size: 200+ employees


  • Campaign to Create Thought Leadership in the Domain

The objective of the campaign was to enlighten and apprise the – target audience about the stereotypes in gender roles.


  • #WhoChangedTheDiaper — Gender Role Stereotype 

Content talked about how women are always supposed to be doing the household chores along with managing their offices

  • #NoApologies — The Hashtag That Went Viral 

In this phase of the campaign, we talked about how women should not apologize for doing something for themselves

  • Solutions to the Problem Every Working Women Face

The third and the last part of the campaign talked about the alternatives and solutions that can help them maintain a balance between their work-life as well as their family life. 


Through the sniper-method approach and Account-Based Marketing, we generated over 250+ B2B Leads For Training Products. 

The leads were majorly generated from corporates in Finance Sector

 Following are the companies from where we were able to generate leads:


Through the campaign along with using automation marketing, we were able to reach more than 2,00,000+ users on LinkedIn. 

We generated over 40+ Reshares on the content and 4500+ Engagements. 

Here are some screenshots of the posts that went viral:

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