Introduction – Our Client

Our Client is manufacturing and exporting the traditional Kolhapuri Chappals. The company has plans to launch more products like Leather Bags, Belts, Photo Frames, Wallets, and Covers for executive diaries.


The main objective of our client of Building Brand on LinkedIn was:

1. Find Distributors, Wholesalers, Exporters, Retail Chains in India and abroad (USA, Canada, UK, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.)

2. Connect with other significant Business Partners/Advisors: Attract and form partnerships in Footwear Design Technology, Trade and Business, Govt’ agencies and investors (banks, govt schemes or private investors).

3. Brand Building: To build a brand image in the minds of consumers. The image should be of a brand that has roots in tradition and yet is very modern and stylish. Consumers should feel that they are contributing to improving the livelihood of artisans. Consumers should feel that they are wearing a piece of art, not just footwear. er and businesses.

Challenges our Client was Facing:

1. The Negative Environment around Leather Products: The leather industry is going through a very bad time. Restrictions and changed sentiments in consumers are making it difficult to market and brand leather products.

2. Lack of Interest and Pride from Artisans: New generation of artisans doesn’t want to go into the profession because of high labor and fewer margins. The negative environment around leather products has made the situation worse. Lack of pride with the profession is yet another challenge.

3. Duplicate Products in the Market: There are literally thousands of duplicate Kolhapuri chappals available all across. Street vendors are selling these at ¼ of the original price.

4. Lack of awareness amongst the consumers about authentic Kolhapuri chappals is a big challenge.

Challenges Faced by our Client

How We helped our Client?

We worked out an innovative and viable strategy. Here is a summary of what we designed and implemented:

1. Defining their Brand/Value Proposition: We decided to Market & Brand their business as a company who wants to revive the 700+ years old’ tradition and helping in improving the livelihood of the thousands of artisan families involved in the trade. The objective was to highlight the social impact made and the pride in wearing an art piece.

2. Identifying and Engaging their Target Audience: We focused on finding distribution partners in countries outside of India, where the Indian population is significant. These consumers resonate more to handmade, Indian ethnic, centuries-old craft-based footwears. They have higher-paying capacity meaning more margins for the company. The strategy would also the company benefit from export-oriented policies of govt.

3. Growing/Building the Network of Targeted Prospects: We helped them grow their network from 7170 Followers to 8973 Followers by adding 1803 Numbers of Followers in a span of just 1 month. The focus was to specifically target countries and decision-makers in the target markets.

4. Researching and Posting Regular Content: We researched and produced regular content that resonated with the audience and generated very high views/awareness.

Note: Our posts resulted in 1000+ comments and inquiries.

5. Audience Engagement: People love talking to people. So we built and optimized the personal profile of their founder. Heavy one to one engagement the network helped us build trust and relationships with the audience. This directly resulted in leads. The relationships that are being built with this strategy are going to help them explore many more ventures even outside of the current objective.

Results Achieved by Brand Samosa

Stats from Initial Stage to 1 Month – 1803 New Targeted Connections
Stats from Initial Stage to Results Achieved in around 1 Month

Leads Generated for Business Expansion

We were able to generate 100+ Leads in 1 Month.

We were able to generate leads from the following countries for our client: USA, India, UAE, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Bahrain (Middle East) and many more…

Most of these leads were for Business Expansion.

Some Achievements

We created pieces of content which resonated with their Target Audiences.

The post got 2,98,500+ Post views within a week.

Insights of the post which got 2,98,000+ views in just 2 days.

We engaged in the post and build trust with the audience our client wanted to connect with.

Here are some comments we got on the content we created that resonated with our client’s Target Audience.

Some Leads Generated from the post for Business Expansion
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