Is this possible that by adding some specific elements to your content, can make your Post Viral?

Of course, this is possible, and Our Team has proved this many times.

Make a Viral Post
We got 4,90,000+ views, 6K+ reactions and 371 comments on this post

There are many more posts, including our clients’ posts on LinkedIn which have crossed the numbers mentioned above in a short span of time.

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Why do you fail to make a Viral Post?

Some people think that their audience is not intellectual enough to imbibe the message of their fruitful post, and this is the reason why people don’t view or react to their post, but this is not the reason;

If you want people to read your post, the first few sentences of your post must be the thumb stopper. It must grab their attention only then the viewer will decide to have a look of your Post. The first few words of your writing must have the potential to stop the viewers scrolling.
Only then your post can grab the attention of the viewer.

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These are the three essential elements to make a Viral Post

  1. Start with a story
  2. Take examples
  3. Call-to-action

You need to add these elements in your post wisely. Here we have mentioned the creativity of using these elements, that one has to keep in mind while writing a post.

1. Start with a Story 

It depends on the first few words of the posts whether the viewer will take an interest in it or not. The first few words of your post must be thumb stopper.

Elements of a Viral Post
Start your Post with a story

The moment when you read the first couple of words(in the above image), they will do something in your mind. You may recall your childhood, become nostalgic, and you feel emotionally connected with the lines; And become ready to know more.

Create a picture in the reader’s mind, evoke some kind of emotions and make them curious to know more.

When you grab the attention of the audience, you have done 80% of the job.

Here is another crucial point: your story must be relatable and relevant as the post is not only to entertain the audience but also to educate them. People at LinkedIn are here to build their career, so it would be a good option if the majority of Post’s content revolves around workforce and workspace. And if your story is not connecting with the audience, you post will be going to fall.

You should start a post with a story, but you also need to direct the story with the sense of the objective(of your message). Otherwise, it will be just a simple story.

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2. Include Examples and Cases

Examples are significant; when you take examples and cases, you successfully create the whole picture of your idea in the readers’ mind; people can easily relate to that idea.

Elements of a Viral Post
With the reference of the above story here cases and examples are taken

The starting lines of the above image are cases and examples. Examples create pictures in the reader’s mind, which helps them to relate with it. Always use examples to engage the readers’ mind.

Then summarize those examples by expressing the main idea and message of the post. As the last three lines of the above image showing the main message of the Post.

We could convey our message only by writing the last three lines(of the above image), but that wouldn’t put an impression or effect on the reader’s mind.

By including story, cases and examples to your Post, you will be able to engage the audience and also successfully create the images in readers’ mind so that they can relate to it; which will help you to make your Post a Viral one.

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3. Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action is some short and specific sentences and phrase which you can use for viewers engagement.

This is an important part of a post. Here you engage people with your post by asking them their opinion about the post.

Elements of a Viral Post
Here these are the two sentences which are engaging the audience by asking their opinion and experiences

If you want your Post to be viral, take the above elements in your mind while you are writing a post. Your learning and experiences may inspire the others, don’t make your heart a graveyard of the untold stories and learnings, share things with others, don’t forget to do it with creativity and tactics and make your post viral.

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