We are working with one of our clients who is a serial entrepreneur, business and life coach for business owners.

He also helps CXOs and trainers become awesome in Public Speaking. He has been a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Certified Life Coach, Investor, Two Times TEDx Speaker, Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Certified Trainer, Mentor & Business Coach.

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Objectives of our Client :

He organizes workshops and certification training programs for business owners, CXOs and trainers/coaches where he teaches them Sales, Profitability, Public Speaking and business in general.

His target audience is:

  1. Founders.
  2. Consultants
  3. Salespersons
  4. Corporate Executives (CXOs). 

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Challenges he was facing:

He’s running a business community in which he helps the members in Public Speaking, Sales and Business! 

He wanted to grow that community so that he can make a business out of it. 

He was struggling in:

  1. Finding Leads.
  2. Reaching out to the “Right Target Audience”.
  3. Building credibility & authority in the community.
  4. Brand Awareness! 

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What did we do for him?

We started working on his brand from July 2019. In the first week :

  1. we built a strategy for him.
  2. To Generate Leads for his community.
  3. Reaching out to his “Target Audience”.
  4. Building his Authority, Credibility, and Brand on LinkedIn
  5. Creating Brand Awareness for his brand. 

We majorly work from Strategy to Lead Generation!

  1. Strategy
  2. Content Creation
  3. Graphic Designing / Video Editing
  4. Publishing / Scheduling
  5. Content Distribution
  6. Engagement 
  7. Trust Building
  8. Lead Generation

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Our Recent Achievements

We created a post for his personal brand where we shared his story with his target audience and that post went viral and got:

66,000+ Post views | 1100+ Reactions | 100+ Comment | 1520+ Profile views | 40+ Reshares!

That too, within a day

ANOTHER ONE – Viral Post

After this post went viral with 66,000+ post views!

We created another post for the same client and the latest post went to 77,000+ post views in just 23 hours! 

And, the post has 670+ reactions | 72+ Comments | 77,000+ post views 

Increased number of profile views from 1521 to 2895 meaning, adding 1,370+ New Followers!

The latest post reached 77,000+ people and was shared 8 times in just 23 hours! 

The post reached to the ‘targeted audience’ of the client which were:

S. NoDesignationNo. of People Reached

As he is into training which he teaches founders, consultants, and salespeople about sales, Profitability, Public Speaking and business in general.

Within 1 Week, Those post reached to 3,32,000+ views with 4054 Reactions and 341 Comments in total.

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