About Our Client:


  • Industry: Corporate Training and Development.
  • Empowering business women to lead in boardrooms.
  • Provides appropriate training and leadership programs for women.
  • Target Audience: CEOs, Directors, Vice President, CHROs, HR.


Their Business Problems


  1. Less Brand Awareness in front of potential customers 
  2. Low Sales Conversion of Leads 
  3. No Source of Organic Lead Generation


 Their Business Objectives 

  1. Establish their personal brand as thought leaders
  2. Raise their company’s brand awareness for leadership and training programs
  3. Generate organic leads through establishing brand awareness


How Did Brand Samosa Helped Them?

Our main strategy for building their brand was to increase engagements and profile views on their social media profile. LinkedIn was one of the best social media platforms for their businesses to find their target audience (CEOs, CHROs, Directors, VP). 


  • Used Content Marketing to raise brand awareness
  • Run different campaigns to increase engagements
  • Focused on distributing the campaigns among the target audience to attract more audience.

The strategy we used for creating a campaign and raising engagements:


  1. We determined their target audience for Better Reach
  2. We created the content theme focusing around problems and solutions of target audience for more reactions
  3. We provided proper CTA to increased engagement rate
  4. We engaged in proper content distribution among the targeted communities and groups of potential customers. 


Using the strategyWe Generated 40+ Organic B2B Leads & Got 10,000+ to 1,00,000+ views (That too in just 6 weeks!)


One of the Campaign we Run


Title: “Who Changed The Diaper” 


No. of content created: 8


Objective: Invoking dialogue and conversation around men sharing the household responsibilities.


Awareness and conversation about supporting women to stand up for themselves and don’t feel guilty.


Duration: 7 Days


Social Media Platform: LinkedIn


Results we achieved on the Campaign

Total number of impressions: 4,50,000+ 


Total number of Reach: 3,48,000+ views


No. of Reactions: 3260+


No. of Comments: 730+


No. of Leads organic leads generated: 40+ leads in just 6 weeks!


Here are the results: 



How Did This Campaign Help Our Client? 


Through aggressive content marketing and distribution of campaigns, we were able to increase client’s personal and company profile views leading to brand building. 


Profile Growth we saw in Just 6 weeks:

  • Profile views increased by 302%
  • Connections increased by 20%
  • Followers increased by 28%
  • Search Appearances increased by 356


We strategically made their content for the campaign interesting so that more and more viewers shared their thoughts and opinions and increased engagement. Moreover, we made the  LinkedIn algorithm to favour our client’s post so that it reaches a targeted audience.


This not only helped in building a great brand image but also increased the number of organic leads.


The number of people coming to the profile and engaging with the post we create is directly proportional to the number of leads generated.    


Here are the results of drastically increased profile views for our client.

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