Client 1 – Target Audience

Our Client is manufacturing and exporting the traditional Kolhapuri Chappals. The company has plans to launch more products like Leather Bags, Belts, Photo Frames, Wallets, and Covers for executive diaries, we connected them with their specific Target Audience. Here’s how you can Reach Out to your Target Audience?

Their Objective:

1. Find Distributors, Wholesalers, Exporters, Retail Chains in India and abroad (USA, Canada, UK, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.)

2. Connect with other significant Business Partners/Advisors: Attract and form partnerships in Footwear Design Technology, Trade and Business, Govt’ agencies and investors (banks, govt schemes or private investors).

Results We Delivered

 Target Audience
Stats from Initial Stage to 1 Month – 1803 New Targeted Connections
 Target Audience
Stats from Initial Stage to Results Achieved in around 1 Month

We were able to generate 100+ Leads in 1 Month.

We were able to generate leads from the following countries for our client: USA, India, UAE, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Bahrain (Middle East) and many more…

Most of these leads were for Business Expansion.

Here are some comments we got on the content we created that resonated with our client’s Target Audience.
 Target Audience
Some Leads Generated from the post for Business Expansion

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Client 2 – Target Audience

We are working with one of our clients who is a serial entrepreneur, business and life coach for business owners.

He also helps CXOs and trainers become awesome in Public Speaking. He has been a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Certified Life Coach, Investor, Two Times TEDx Speaker, Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Certified Trainer, Mentor & Business Coach.

Their Objective :

His main objective is to connect with his target audience so that he can grow his business and teach them How to be Awesome in Public Speaking.

Their target audience is:

  1. Founders.
  2. Consultants
  3. Salespersons
  4. Corporate Executives (CXOs). 

Results We Delivered

We created another post for the same client and the latest post went to 77,000+ post views in just 23 hours! 

 Target Audience

Case Study: Leads Generated From Multi-Million Dollar Companies

And, the post has 670+ reactions | 72+ Comments | 77,000+ post views 

 Target Audience

Increased number of profile views from 1521 to 2895 meaning, adding 1,370+ New Followers!

 Target Audience
His Profile Reached to Targeted Audience!

The latest post reached 77,000+ people and was shared 8 times in just 23 hours! 

The post reached to the ‘targeted audience’ of the client which were:

S. NoDesignationNo. of People Reached

As he is into training which he teaches founders, consultants, and salespeople about sales, Profitability, Public Speaking and business in general.

Client 3

Our client is helping consumers make Smart Food Choices by S-i-m-p-l-i-f-y-i-n-g Nutrition Information on Food Labels. (We created this tagline)

Their Objective:

Connect with various stake-holders in B2B space: They wanted to reach out to food manufacturers, marketing decision-makers, influencers, etc. in the industry to engage them in thought leadership.

Their Target Audience:

  1. Marketing Heads
  2. CEOs
  3. CMOs
  4. COOs
  5. VP – Marketing

Results We Delivered

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)15th April 2019(Initial Stage)1st May8th May16th May23th May2nd June
Connections (Cumulative)158016401725187919722164
Followers (Cumulative)158316421730188119742167
Profile Views (90 days)2202365527518371091
Search Appearances (weekly)000706463
 Target Audience
 Target Audience
 Target Audience
 Target Audience

We were able to generate 50+ Leads within 1 Month only. Though we promised to start delivering the leads from the 5th week onwards

No. of Leads Generated: 50+

Duration of Lead Generation: 3 Weeks

Major Designation of Leads: COOs, CMOs, VP Marketing Heads, CEOs.

Countries: India, UAE, and Australia.


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